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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SUMMER = Flea Markets

If you are seeing this blog on Thurs. July 14th---- hurry, because this sale starts today. It is a fun one!
Mickey and I went when it was at it's old location, and have not been to the new location.
I imagine it will only be better, and the old location was great! Definitely worth the drive down south!
Rooms full of cute things!

Then onto ELKO!!
We have been going here for years!- Really! The lady where we buy tickets to get in,( I think it is $4.00) remembers Tanner (now 21) and Quinci (now 18) in a backpack and buying marbles for a collection.
It is a great adventure!

Lil P doing a little shopping herself.

Tables and barns FULL of things you can't live without!

This was a recent purchase for Tanner, for his man-cave.

Even if you are not interested in antiques or "junk", maybe come for the mini-donuts! Yum!
They also have  hamburgers and hot dog truck, burritos and popcorn!
The next sale is over Labor Day, and the sales are great. They may be willing to bargin since it is the last sale of the summer.
Maybe we'll see you there.... I'll be there!


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