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LKB            &              Mickey 

LKB: Mother-in-laws have many opinions. Sometimes it can be a little touchy when you are dying to say, "Don't give your kid any more sugar," but to keep things happy, we keep our mouths shut. Through blogging about life lessons, maybe just a little of what I say might sink in. So let's see how this goes. When I'm not mothering, I'm surely creating in my studio, daydreaming, changing my hairstyle and color, or cooking dinner for the fam.  I'm the ying to my husbands' yang, if it weren't for him we would be hanging out at the mall having sushi. I have 5 kids- love more than words can say, 2 daughter in-laws- to say it all, I would pick them for my girlfriends. 4 granddaughters- love them beyond measure. Art is my life- can't stop doing it!   

Mickey:  My mother-in-law doesn't like me constantly feeding Piper sugar, so I've recently switched her to only diet pop!  I kid.  In reality, the only reason I'm not earring-less, wearing only grey, horizontally striped tops, overalls, constantly sporting pony tails and eating nothing with flavor is all thanks to LKB!  I love most of her advice on all things- from hairstyles, to fashion, to local restaurants to boys- this grandma's got it going on!  Back to boys, LKB set me up with her hot son, Ben, 7 years ago.  It's hard to not be the annoying girl when I talk about him, but he's quite a catch.  We've now been married 6 years and have our precious little lady, Piper.  In May she'll be 3 and she's the light of our lives!  I talk to my own momma 3 to 328 times a day and love my family like the dickens!  Family, faith, friends, pets and Pop Tarts (sorry LKB) complete me!  Wine and martini's are just the cherry on top.