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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Do you do Pinterest?

Have you heard of Pinterest?
I know, another way to spend too
much time on your computer! Well,
maybe it can save you time.

Here is what  it is: First of all they
say you have to be invited, really
it is just signing up.
Then you create boards, like- crafts,
home, music, fashion, music etc.
 You then "pin" things you see on
the internet and  you share them
with people that "follow" you.

This is an example of something
I pinned- an idea for a craft-
it's on my crafty-ness board.

Where it comes in handy is when my son says-"hey I saw this really cool shirt"- I can look on his "fashion" board and go to the website. Or my daughter can have something on youtube she wants me to watch, so I can just go to her music board.
I have tons of folders on my desktop, and bookmarks a mile long on my computer. This is another way to save ideas and share them.  Oh.... and you can have a recipe board too----share recipes--- really cool!
I KIND OF LOVE IT!!!!!  Look for me on Pinterest   and follow me!
Picture of Linda Bachman
Pinned by Linda Bachmanonto Crafty-ness

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