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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

25 Yrs........it's a big deal!

My gift to AB: 25 pics of me, #5 for 5 kids, a piece of a Korean newspaper, a pic of him from Seattle
on a stretched canvass
If you are celebrating any kind of "Big Deal," a very special place to dine is, La Belle Vie.
I think this is about the 3rd anniversary we have spent there- and again, it was wonderful!

To start with we each had a drink in the bar:

I had a Passion fruit, ginger froth martini that was delicious! 
I wish I had taken more pictures of everything, but I didn't want to be obnoxious-snapping away. And it was nice just enjoying the evening.

We had the 8 course tasting menu- YES- 8 courses!!!!!! Oh my- they were each 3 or 4 bites  of incredible flavors! So, pretty small portions.
AB likes really good food, but is not the most adventurous eater. I thank him for going all the way with this one. We  had, raw ahi tuna, rabbit, morels, foi gras, lamb and a cheese course- all which he says he doesn't eat, and he ate and LOVED. Other than the cheese plate. So yay!!!!

Our edible anniversary dessert. Yum!

25 yrs. ago  1986------ whew! time flies!!!!!

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